With more than 20 years of experience as a management consultant and change management leader, Ann King has worked in many industries and vertical markets.  (Oil & Gas; Banking, Credit Unions, and Finance; Utilities; Cable; Manufacturing; Supply Chain Management; Global Supply Chain Management; Consulting; Information Technology and Hi Tech; Chemicals and Pharm; and Construction Markets.)

Ann is experienced and efficient at assessing situations and processes.  She is action and goal oriented while remaining strategic and sensitive to relationships.  Ann believes in measureable results and is an energetic leader of change to meet the target goal.  People like working with Ann because she is energetic, smart, develops others, is transparent, and has a direct and nonjudgmental communication style.

If you need a compliance review Ann is an organized resource to either conduct the assessment or project manage the assessment. Utilizing published standards and tools from industry organizations Ann conducts an initial assessment with employees to document needed corrections and risks.

Small Business  ConsultingCoaching. Career Coach.   Ann has experience and references for career coaching in the following areas: work life balance, conducting a job search, deciding on a career focus, career change, establishing realistic goals and plans to achieve goals, managing up, strategies for over coming weaknesses, identifying and working from strengths, becoming a better manager, moving from managing to leading, and conflict resolution.

Management Consultant.   Small Business Outsource.  More than 15 years in the management consulting industry combined with innate problem solving and strategic thinking abilities, Ann is an excellent resource for assisting your organization.  Whether to solve problems or leverage opportunities, Ann brings all of her experience, skills, and knowledge to the table to assist with your stated goals.   Experience includes the creation of strategic plans, identification of obstacles, developing and motivating the sales force,  defining standards, developing processes, and compliance.

Small Business Outsource:  Small Businesses have special needs.  It is difficult for a small business to stand up under the weight of long sales cycles and the cost of employing full time employees.  Whether your business is mature and small or fledgling and small has a great deal to do with what strategies will be most effective.  Ann has owned, developed, and sold a small business, she has coached a number of start up owners through the start up phase, and she is an on-going contributor to a number of stable small businesses.

Coaching, Career coach, Compliance, Management Consultant, Small Business Consulting, Business Outsource, Human Resources, Training, Mentor, Sales TrainingContract Resource; why compete when we can partner?   If your management consulting firm or coaching organization needs an additional resource to meet the demands of a specific project, client, or industry, give Ann a call to discuss the opportunity to work together.

Human Resources.  Training:  Ann provides Human Resources services to start up, fledgling, and Micro companies including the development of Employee Handbooks, recruiting, employee relations and the development of on-boarding processes.   Additional Human Resources services that are generally more important to well established small businesses or organizations with 50 to 500 employees includes employee surveys, product training development, compliance reviews, and company specific sales and customer service training.

Change Management. Change Management Mentor.  Project Sponsor Coach:  Whether defining the change scope and impacts, over sight of change, or implementing changes this is a primary strength for Ann.   Ann is also a mentor to Change Management professionals with less than 5 years of experience who have captured opportunities lacking in professional development or supportive supervision.   Even if you are a senior executive you may not be strong as a project sponsor or leader of change in your organization.  Ann offers coaching to Project Sponsors to help them avoid pitfalls, work strategically with executive peers, and navigate the risks to reputation associated with being a sponsor of critical organizational change.

Training Content Development:  Working with subject matter experts, regulatory agencies, industry organizations and published best practices.  From highly technical subjects such as handling explosives or operating medical equipment to soft skills topics such as building rapport and maintaining relationships Ann has experience developing content that can be used as a quick reference as needed and does not condescend.