Where is THERE for you?   Let’s start THERE.

Many of us are lucky enough to have choices. And, choosing what to focus on next in life is not always easy.   Do you need some help prioritizing the order of the amazing things you are going to accomplish?


What is standing between you and what you want to accomplish?

Small Business  ConsultingNeed help with a strategy?  Want to know how others balance creation while still maintaining a life?   Do you think you’d like to work with someone who is intuitive and practical, who has years of experience in helping companies and people make changes?  Are you a good match to someone who is candid, direct, and doesn’t have a cookie cutter formula because, after all, YOU are not a cookie?    If you want to work with someone who has enthusiasm for YOUR goals and has fun solving problems let’s get started.

Let’s work together and create a path that will be effective for you 

Get From Here to ThereA clear plan, a realistic pace, and a strategy that leverages the way YOU work best – these are the secrets to a successful path to achieving your goals.   If you are not working from your strengths you may need to un-learn some habits. Habits that make you work harder than you have to.

Ann’s Professional profile:  www.linkedin.com/pub/ann-king/6/330/b7a/

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